Internet and Social Media in german hospitals

A study by TUM in cooperation with the Vendus Group.


ePatient Monitor

Indication-Specific Search Behaviour on the (Social) Web.


Internet and Social Media in German Hospitals?

A study carried out by Technische Universität München (TUM) in cooperation with the Vendus Group shows risks and opportunities and makes one thing very clear: urgent need for action!

50 hospitals providing basic and specialised medical care as well as university clinics and hospitals offering maximal care have participated in this study in the third quarter 2012. After standardised surveys and interviews of heads of communication and the evaluation of online and social media presence the conclusion is sobering and the result partly shocking. "Particularly the risks of misdirected social media activities or even the ignorance of social media altogether are completely underestimated", says Guido Mecklenbeck, managing partner and director of the Vendus group. The lasting debate on the Internet with regard to medical doctors and hospitals ever more represents the success factor for selected indications and surgical interventions - a trend many people do not recognise. 



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